Nexios Support Center

Nexios Support Center or NSC is an internal division within the Nexios IT organisation.

Based on our values and our service commitment towards our clients NSC was founded to be able to (re)act in a pro-active way on every kind of business/ technical need coming from the consultant.

The added value of the NSC services is found in the mixture of high level support, training and follow-up services to our consultants.
The goal is to actively support and contribute to the success of your projects.

NSC vigorously strives to ensure the efficiency of the service delivered by Nexios IT.

How ?

  • By assuring an efficient intervention offering a r quality delivery
  • By cultivating the ability to anticipate difficulties.
  • By stimulating a pro-active approach.
  • By adapting very fast to the client environment (business, organisation, …)
  • By analysing the project’s technical requirements
  • By reacting in an efficient manner with respect to the client’s way of working.

NSC offers :

  • A complete support service via mail or personal intervention
  • A complete training portfolio for consultants (employees and freelancers)
  • A complete training portfolio for Client / Partner employees.
  • Tailor made coaching for each project team intervening on Client projects.
  • Access to several experts present within our different Expertise Groups.
  • Possibility to contact these Expertise Groups for questions or help.

End result: Nexios IT is able to achieve a higher and better level of service, resulting in a better delivery of the customer project by allowing every customer to benefit from Nexios IT’s internal technical expertise and business know-how.