Added Value Services

Our business model is designed to be transparent, flexible and efficient. It has the advantage of being supported by services from the NSC (Nexios Support Center) department.
These services can be used by our clients on an ad hoc basis or integrated in service level agreements.

  • Online Training & Coaching
  • Rate/ Salary management
  • Technical Testing
  • Market Intelligence
  • Job Profiling
  • Extension of Service

Online Training & Coaching:

We offer all our employees access to over 2500 courses.

Dedicated NSC coaches will be available to help and motivate where necessary. NSC support offers expertise in many ways.

This includes:

  • Regular email correspondence including course-related questions and tips.
  • A guaranteed maximum response time of twenty four hours.
  • Online labs for additional practice/ new information about course topics, certifications, exams etc.
  • Course support chats/ fast track assessments and test preparations
  • Web resources including technical articles

Nexios IT also gives our clients the opportunity to develop a tailor made training program for all new consultants starting on client projects or client employees needing additional training.

The goal is to allow our clients to benefit from the internal Nexios IT knowledge through training, coaching or project support.

Rate/Salary management:

A service provided by a specialised division whereby freelance rates and employee salaries are benchmarked against industry averages, enabling our clients to align their salaries with the market.

Technical Testing:

To assure professional quality delivered by our consultants, the Nexios IT Recruitment Team uses our unique talent management platform (IKM). Technical testing increases the ability to identify the right consultant for the job, leading to a higher return on investment (ROI).

Project Preparation:

The customer may request NSC to issue company handbooks. This way, all new consultants will be fully briefed about life at the client site.

Consultants will start their assignments with a sound understanding of their culture, company strategy, technology, company policies, processes and general working practice allowing a flawless transition into their work environment.

Extension of Service:

Nexios IT is uniquely positioned to provide our clients with access to a much wider group of services and organisations through the Nexios Consulting Group.

  • Administrative & Sales staff
  • Accountancy & Finance staff of all types/levels
  • Executive Search ICT Management (CxO)