Working as freelancer

What is important to you? We believe we know!

The right project, in the right environment, in the right geographical area, with the right rate, and the right opportunity to gain further leading edge skills.

So what more can Nexios IT do for you?

Nexios is affiliated through our partners with an international ICT group with locations all over the world. In every country a team of local professionals is there to assist you in finding the right position. It is very well possible we have the perfect project you are looking for.

How about payments?

Nexios IT has largely invested in a few of the most efficient process systems currently on the market. These tools together with our own internal developed payment system is second to none, ensuring that you are always paid correctly and on time.

Do I have a future at Nexios IT? What about my Career Development?

In the contracting world it is very unusual that an employer will take care of the career development of an external contractor. It is even more unusual for the employer to offer free training to you. At Nexios IT, we recognise that if you want to evolve and progress in your career, it is absolute key to stay up to date in your field of expertise.

Therefore, as Nexios IT believes in forging long term work relationships with our freelance contractors based on a win-win solution, we are proud to offer a leading edge training scheme available to all our contractors, contracting via Nexios IT.